Coutts Private Banking iOS app and website

As a UX designer at Coutts I worked within a cross functional team on several different features for a new iOS app- including currency transfers, chat, foreign currency requests and more. I also worked on new business ideas, including ideation and prototyping new flexible mortgage propositions.

Foreign Currency Request

A new feature in the iOS app allowing customers to order foreign currencies to be delivered to their home. This was a multi step process similar to a checkout flow where users would create their order and confirm a delivery address and denominations before submitting and confirming.

Key screens for Foreign currency requests

Chat & UI 

Below shows a new feature that allows customers to initiate a live chat in-app. There were multiple entry points to contact Coutts, plus the brand new live chat option that could be reached from the Contact Us screen, or directly from most app screens.

Entry to chat through Contact Us page
Entry to chat through main navigation

Flexible Mortgages

I worked with the new business propositions team to create a low fidelity prototype of an idea for flexible mortgages, used for testing and validating with the new business team.

Flexi Mortgage feature promotional homepage

Flexi mortgage app screen flow

Key screens (overpayments and withdrawals):

Screens allowing customers to submit overpayments on their flexible mortgage, lowering their rates

Screens showing the flexibility of being able to withdraw from overpayments, a main USP of the feature.

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