Clippers Quay Marketing Site

Clippers Quay is a brand new build-to-rent property near Manchester owned by Grainger plc (a leading property management company in the UK). I worked on-site with the client to design a new marketing site for the building complex.

We analyzed customer research to determine who the target customers are, what they would be looking for in a new rental property, and what information would be most important to them when assessing their options:

Key Research Takeaways: 

Target customers care a lot about the location and things to do in the area, transportation links and length of their commute to work, and price is a huge deciding factor as well.

The amenities that are most important to them, that they might be willing to pay more for include: High speed wifi, pet friendliness, laundry facilities, gardens, parking and house cleaners.

80% of renters are between 26-35 years old.

35% couples, 25% single, 25% families, 10% flat shares.

Initial site map organization: 

Initial organization of elements per page, created with input from stakeholders. Later consolidated the neighborhood and building sections into one "Living at Clippers Quay" page. Also combined Renting Logistics and Grainger pages into one "Renting with Grainger" page outlining the benefits of renting with Grainger and the easy rental process.

Final site map: 

Low fidelity sketches illustrating the possible order of elements on each primary page:

First draft of wireframes created in Sketch: 

The Solution

A primary goal of the Clippers Quay marketing site is to grab the attention of target customers and inform them about the area, and why the new property would be a great place to live due to its location, things to do in the area, the community and building amenities. Another goal was to make it easy for customers to sign up to be notified when apartments become available (and eventually book a viewing and even rent the apartment all online).  The below features helped accomplish these goals.

Places of interest interactive map:

Commute calculator (drop downs allow you to select different popular attractions and different modes of transit):

Register your interest form: 

Once the building is open and ready to show the apartments, register your interest will become "Arrange a Viewing" with options to choose different apartment types, number of bedrooms, length of tenancy, and then schedule a time to see it within a 3-step process:

404 page design, directing users back to the homepage in case of an error.

The site is fully responsive, research showed that most target customers would be likely to view on mobile, so the mobile version was designed to have the full capabilities of the desktop site and be just as easy to navigate:

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