The "before" 

The site BEFORE our redesign was not mobile friendly, did not allow online sales, did not attract new customers, and had no info on Jaymarks extensive bespoke abilities. They needed a website to help them attract younger customers and launch a web collection which would be made to order and sold online.

Home and Product Page BEFORE redesign

Redesign Goals

The main goals of the new site were to increase online sales, reach a younger audience, and introduce and emphasize the new web collection.

Updated site map restructuring content more intentionally and prioritizing new collections

The Solution:
A brand new site designed and built in Shopify.

  • Bigger and cleaner product images.
  • Responsive (mobile-friendly) design.
  • Clear division of new web collection vs. existing showroom products.
  • SEO optimized
  • E-commerce abilities
  • Focus on heritage and company history in "our story" page.
  • New bespoke page walks user through steps to create their own custom jewelry with Jaymark.

Home page with hero image and logo

Web collection product page

Side navigation on all pages

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