Browse, buy and track online subscriptions

Users in Lunr's target audience have at least 1 online subscription of some sort, many have more than 1 and have also purchased a subscription as a gift. These people need a way to keep track of what they have, what they have bought in the past, browse other options and easily sign up for anything they are interested in trying.

Medium- Fidelity Wireframes

The Solution (MVP)

Lunr's MVP is simple but robust. On the endless scroll homepage you can easily browse online subscriptions in many categories, search for something specific, or filter by type, price and availability of a free trial, buy/ subscribe to any product you see, and sign up for a newsletter with monthly offers and discounts.

On the product page you can flip through images of the product, read a description, see price options, buy/ subscribe, sign up for a free trial, or get recommendations for similar products.

Searching in the top navigation from any page will display result with entered key words, along with recommendations similar to what you were looking for.

Most of the target audience for this product would view or buy subscriptions on a mobile device, so the site is fully responsive so all features will work on any device.

Next Steps

Eventually, users will be able to keep track of any subscriptions they have bought for themselves or as a gift, see how much they are paying and when they expire. This will require creating an account and accessing a customer profile and account page.

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