Click & Drop feature on the Royal Mail site (responsive)

Through user interviews, some key pain points were revealed within the user flow for the Click & Drop feature: 

  • It was unclear which user type to select on the homepage
  • There were several overall site navigation issues: no clear path, no clear back button or home, no indication how far through the process you are
  • Poor error prevention and handling in forms
  • Too much business jargon that users are not familiar with, causing confusion at multiple stages

The Click & Drop product was redesigned to solve these problems, while also focusing on providing a mobile friendly experience which they were previously lacking.

User Flow

Structure of the Click & Drop process and how users will move through it to accomplish their goal of creating a shipment (including paying and getting a label) to quickly drop at the post office:


Three main personas were identified as the target users for this feature- guest shippers, frequent shippers, and business shippers. All had varying needs and requirements throughout the process of creating the shipment but similar goals in the end- to easily and efficiently ship packages.

The Solution (wireframes)

Updated homepage for desktop:

  • Clarifies the 3 step process for sending a package, to set user expectations for how long the process will take and what is involved.
  • Primary quick start flow for occasional or first time shippers (majority of customers), returning customers would see a personalized homepage after logging in.
  • Section explaining how and why you might want to create an account (users would be offered this option again within the Quick Start flow as well) 

High fidelity wireframes (mobile): 

Branding/ Visual Design

These deliverables were completed using the Royal Mail branding assets and guidelines, in collaboration with a project manager and design director.

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