Sustainable Paper Pulp Piggy Bank

TAMMY is the happiest pig in the world, ready to keep your coins safe! An innovative and sustainable rendition of the iconic piggy bank, this fun product is made entirely out of paper pulp. Friendly to your money and the environment. Tammy can be easily customized by kids with a marker, or kept in its sleek simple form for adults. It brings back the ritual of breaking your bank when it’s time to retrieve your coins, as it can be safely and guiltlessly ripped apart before recycling.


Modeled in SolidWorks, then 3D printed to create molds for each half. Paper pulp was created by hand to fill plastic molds of each half.

Why paper pulp?

Easily customizable and can be created in any color. The paper surface also allows you to draw on it and give him a unique personality.

PRESS + SALES: 2011 Pratt Show, "Impermanence" Product Design exhibition in Brooklyn, New York, Inhabitat Sustainable Design Blog, Inhabitots: Modern Design for kids. SOLD BY: Puik Art (Amsterdam), Moxton (London) and more!

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