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UX/ UI consulting for London based start-up Time Traveler Tours on their newest app: "Buried Alive: The Secret Michelangelo Took to His Grave". Launched February 2017- Buried Alive is an immersive digital story with on-site treasure hunts in Florence, trivia, and games along with the original story of Michelangelo.

The "before"

Identified several pain points related to usability in the early version of the app:

  • Users did not know where to begin, mainly confused by the navigation
  • Did not understand the difference between the "on-site" treasure hunt and the "story" which can be read/listened to from anywhere.
  • Too many sub-topics on the help page- lack of hierarcy, too many clicks to reach important topics
  • Repetitive elements within "tour tips"
Screenshots of BEFORE design improvements

The Solution

  • Evaluated primary user goals and simplified flows.
Updated user flow

The Solution (continued)

  • Made a clear help page, moving all unrelated info off
  • Eliminated unnecessary screen before home with "touch to start"
  • Added copy to clarify main paths
  • Made a clear help page, moving all unrelated info off, and prioritizing most used topics
  • Eliminated sub-topics, each help topic is listed with a dropdown explanation
  • Changed to drop down design to reduce clicks back and forth to read multiple topics
  • Removed repetitive links (back to story, same as bottom nav)

Screens after UX improvements

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